Eurofiling Conference, 2019

Dear Madam/Sir,

On behalf of the Eurofiling Foundation, I am reaching out to inform you about the upcoming annual Eurofiling Conference 2019, which will take place in Frankfurt on 17-19 June, hosted by the European Central Bank.

The Eurofiling Conference 2019 is an annual regulatory event with academic sessions and expertise exchanges, designed specifically for regulators, supervisors, financial institutions and associations.

For a number of years, the Conference has regularly gathered over 200+ European experts from 100+ organisations and 30+ countries. Among attendees are mostly regulators, central banks, authorities (EBA, EIOPA, ESMA, SRB, EC, SSM, ECB and National Institutions), standards setters, reporting entities and providers who contribute to the harmonization and interoperability process of the financial and business reporting.

We invite experts to attend and actively participate in the conference, either as attendees or as speakers. If you have a story to tell or an innovation to show, please let us know by e-mailing to

Each day is focused on specific topics and divided into different tracks :

     17 June - Meet-The-Market & Tutorials Day

     18 June - 26th Eurofiling Workshop: The Present (Plenary, Techies Track, Academy/Innovation Track)

     19 June - 26th Eurofiling Workshop: The Future (Plenary, Techies Track, Academy/Innovation Track)

Particular tracks allow participants to engage through working groups, meetings, sessions, panels and give the opportunity to consult on a variety of topics. Eurofiling Conference is a chance to share national and international experiences, discover new approaches and plan future steps with regulators, prepares, providers, innovators and academics.

The event is hosted by the European Central Bank. Participation is free, however, all attendees need to register and receive a confirmation email.

The yearly Networking Dinner (55 €) will take place on June 18 at Oberschweinstiege Restaurant Terrace. Feel free to join!

To register and for more information about agenda, speakers and after-hours activities visit our website:

Remarks for potential speakers:

"Ones who know" voluntary speakers

Presentation files are to be made public unless stated otherwise. Commercial logos or brand names are kindly requested to be skipped, particularly in slides. The recommended presentation template is to be used unless an institution requires otherwise. Affiliations of speakers reflect their involvement in non-for-profit activities on structured data. If a particular vendor tool must be used, it's only to illustrate the presentation. Simply submit your proposal to

Best Regards,
Conference Coordinators

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