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Priority invitations policy (everybody is welcomed, but seats are limited):

  • 1.- Speakers and convened Working Group members
  • 2.- Hosting Institutions and Eurofiling Foundation are very glad to invite Regulators, Supervisors, Business Registers, Government and Financial Reporting Entities.
  • 3.- The Programme Committee of the Academic Track is very glad to invite the authors of accepted papers and posters, as well as scholars up to a number of seats.
  • 4.- Companies, organizations and individuals interested in the topic are welcomed up to the available seats by registration order. Limit of seats per entity may apply.
  • 5.- Remaining registrations will be placed in the waiting list by registration order.

Waiting list, cancellations and no-show: A waiting list is open for registrations not included in the priority invitations (see above). The organisers will confirm waiting list registrations as soon as possible, after the priority invitations clearing. If your registration is confirmed, but you will not attend, you are kindly but STRONGLY requested for written cancellation as matter of consideration for our colleagues in waiting list. According to the Eurofiling minutes of 20 December 2012, a non-force-majeure no-show would blacklist you for next events.

Registration is for free but mandatory. When confirmed, you will receive a nominative badge. Only badge-nominal confirmed registrations will be included in the access list for ECB security clearance. On-site registration is NOT available. See priorities, terms and conditions at disclaimer. Only ID cards and passports are accepted by the security to access ECB premises. Driving licenses are not accepted. Please be aware about potential queues at start of day on security clearance.